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VIDEO: Michael Steele Scrambles To Explain RNC Presentation To Megyn Kelly

RNC chairman Michael Steele was called to account for the RNC presentation Politico got their hands on yesterday that featured images of President Obama as the Joker, compared Nancy Pelosi to Cruella Devil, and Harry Reid to Scooby Doo. Steele started out rather humbled telling Megyn Kelly: “You don’t defend it, it was unfortunate.” Before noting that the RNC didn’t create these images: “Those were images that were pulled off the Internet and been out in the public domain for a while.” At which point he reverted to ‘we did not throw the first stone’ defense: “I didn’t like those images of me that characterized me as a Sambo or an Uncle Tom, either” and later “there’s a pretty long track record of folks on the left playing this ugly game.”


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