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War on Books: New Film Based on ‘1984’ will be a Romantic Drama

Kristen Stewart has signed on to play the lead in Equals, director Drake Doremus’ futuristic love story, and it’s making her a nervous wreck.

“I can’t believe I agreed to do it,” said the Twilight actress about her upcoming role in the sci-fi drama, which also stars Nicholas Hoult of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Stewart describes Equals as a slightly updated version of the 1956 film 1984, based on George Orwell’s classic 1949 novel about rebellion in a repressed futuristic society. Equals begins filming later this year.

“I’m terrified of it,” said the 23-year-old actress in a recent interview. “Though it’s a movie with a really basic concept, it’s overtly ambitious.”

“In Equals, things go wrong because you can’t deny the humanity in everyone,” said Stewart. “It’s the most devastating story.”. . .

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