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Act of Valor Review: A Warrior Manifesto that Rejects Your Pity

What movie are you going to see this weekend? Act of Valor is (predictably?) receiving poor reviews — currently at 20 percent on RottenTomatoes, the critics are calling it a recruitment film. (Note: They don’t consider this a positive thing.) So, what’s the problem with it?  Rebecca Cusey answers:

The problem is not with the new “Act of Valor” movie that opens today. It’s a rousing manifesto. The problem is with some players in Hollywood and a segment of the American public who consider modern American soldiers something to be pitied rather than admired.

They respect the soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror, just not what they do. There is an unspoken feeling that the American troops have been duped into something unsavory, as if looking for a better life or free education, they signed up and found themselves in an icky – if not downright dishonorable – war.

In “Act of Valor,” the soldiers speak for themselves and their message is loud and clear: We know exactly what we are doing. We consider it worthwhile. We consider it an honor.

Read the rest here. And if you go see the film, eat some popcorn for me! We’re snuggling up here at home, trying to clear out our very long queue of recorded television shows. (Note: we have two more episodes of Homeland to watch! Anyone else watching this? Don’t give the ending away.)


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