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A friend and conservative UCLA student sends a report from what her father calls the bowels of the Roman Coliseum. Keep up the good work, Sofia!

I just did one hour of tabling for the Bruin Republicans. We had about seven or eight people with signs and energy and smiles hanging out at the bottom of Bruin walk, the main pathway that everyone takes when going to and from class.

I was pretty hesitant because I knew I was going to be seen by a lot of my friends (I think I have a lot of liberal friends) but it was actually so awesome: There are WAY more Romney supporters than I thought! It was pretty scary having to look people in the eye with your Romney/Ryan sign and smile and shout “Vote for Romney!” or “Fire Obama!” or “High fives for Romney!” But there were a lot of people who quietly and discreetly high-fived us or said “Fight the good fight,” or “Good job, guys” and it was very encouraging. There were also a lot of people who sneered, grimaced, or laughed and shouted “f*** Romney,” but we had some hilarious comebacks. One of the guys in Bruin Republicans has no filter and is not afraid to say the most outrageous things. A group of Latinas would walk by and he would say, “Latinas con Romney!” and they would start cracking up. Or a hippy/liberal-artsy-looking woman would walk by and he would shout “Vote Romney for women’s rights!”

A friend and I noticed that a lot of the “high-fives for Romney” that we got were from good-looking guys. That was very encouraging. I got high-fives from football players, volleyball players, and frat guys! I don’t know if that means they are actually supporters or if they just love high-fives.One older man in a suit walked by and quietly said to me with a big smile, “It’s good to see there are at least some people with sense around here. Good work, guys!” That was really nice. And lots of people just said how impressed they were that we actually had the guts to stand out there in public and be loud and create a scene in front of the hundreds of people that were walking by.

I’m super excited to vote tomorrow and watch the election (got two different invitations to viewing parties!)!

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