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Dad Smashes Up Shop for Selling Son Bath Salts

I can’t say anything bad about this dad’s actions:

A Watertown man has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge for smashing up a head shop after his adult son overdosed on bath salts from the store.

Dan Avery, 49, pleaded guilty Friday in Jefferson County Court to a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree criminal mischief. He was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay $638 in restitution for the damage he did to Tebb’s Headshop in Watertown.

Plus, you gotta love that Avery called 911 on himself:

Avery was arrested in July after he went to Tebb’s the day after his 24 year-old son was hospitalized after overdosing on “glass cleaner” that he’d bought at Tebb’s.

Avery drove to the store from the hospital and asked the clerk if the store sold bath salts or glass cleaner, Avery has said. The clerk then showed him the products and instructed Avery how to use them, Avery said.

He told The Post-Standard in July that he “just went crazy” in response to seeing his son in the hospital. He smashed a glass countertop and a couple glass ashtrays, then threw glass pipes from the shelves at the store clerk, Avery said.

Afterward, Avery returned the bat to his truck, went back into the store and lectured the clerk.

“You’re a sick man to sell this to these kids, knowing it’s gonna twist their minds, ” Avery remembered saying. “You’re pathetic.” Then Avery asked the clerk for a phone, called 911 and waited for police to arrive and arrest him, Avery said.

The Miami-face-eater attack, which was blamed on bath salts at the time, happened in May 2012. Governor Cuomo went on to ban the synthetic drugs in August 2012.


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