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Dad Wears Skirt to Support His Son


It’s important for a son to be able to depend on his dad to support him and show an interest in the things that interest him. He must be able to see his dad as a good example of how to be a good man. Except when he’s not.

Here’s a story from Germany, as reported in the Advocate.

This German dad has a son who fancies wearing pretty little spaghetti-strap dresses to school. Who saw this coming? — but it turns out the other kids at school tend to tease him. Here is a pic of dad being the best dad he knows how to be.


Now, surprisingly, I have no problem with dads wearing skirts with their sons. None at all, and it can indeed be an important bounding experience. But the question is not whether you wear a skirt, but, rather, what kind. These are two very different kinds of fathers, doing very different jobs of raising boys. Dads, if you’re going to wear skirts with your boy, look to the Scots.



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