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A Down Syndrome Diagnosis Doesn’t Have to Be Devastating News

The father behind the website “Little Bird’s Dad” has written a great post about receiving word your child has Down Syndrome. He declares that the diagnosis is not the tragedy most people — most notably, the doctors delivering the news – make it out to be.

As a Dad who just learned your child has Down Syndrome, you will hear this myth everywhere: Down Syndrome is a devastating and painful diagnosis that will turn a parent’s life upside down forever.

…Nobody really knows why these beliefs persist. Doom and Gloom at the diagnosis of Down Syndrome? That’s just how it’s always been done.

Here’s the problem, though: the Big Myth of Down Syndrome Doom and Gloom is [b.s.]*

He goes on to offer advice for countering the doomsayers, starting with remaining calm, and goes on to suggest other ways to “change the script” that seems to have been written about being a parent to a child with Down Syndrome.

Read all his advice here.

* There is some rough language in the linked post. 




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