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In France: No More “Maman” and “Papa”

No more mothers and fathers in France in any public document: only generic “parents.” No more husband and wife: only generic “partner.” Thus saith the Lord. Whoops. I mean, thus saith French justice minister, Christiane Taubirathe. This change in all the official documents of the country is part of the proposed law that would change marriage from the union of a man and a woman to the “union of any two people, of different or the same gender.” 

But wait: “gay” means a man who is same sex attracted. “Lesbian” means a woman who is same sex attracted.  Why should they be the only ones who get to keep gendered language?  Why not just call them both “generic same sex attracted persons?”

— Jennifer Roback Morse, is the founder and president of the Ruth Institute, which promotes an understanding of lifelong married love to college students. Sign up for the Ruth Institute’s free newsletter here

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