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Free Speech: Only for Those Who Agree

The organization GLAAD, which is committed to making sure no one in any media venue ever says anything untoward about homosexuality, has launched a new campaign aimed at a number of my friends and colleagues, as well as myself.

They do not like that media channels have asked any of us about our views on anything having to do with homosexuality and that our answers do not line up with GLAAD orthodoxy. Therefore, they believe we should be silenced. They say their effort is only to hold commentators like us “accountable” for what we say, but nowhere on their site do they try to correct or refute anything that any of us has said.

Most of the comments by the folks they are targeting are just plain, everyday views that many good citizens hold about homosexuality and so-called same-sex marriage. GLAAD is upset that people would say such things out loud and any media source — liberal, conservative, mainstream, Christian, Jewish, whatever — might print them. Read their “smoking-gun” evidence listed under each targeted spokesperson for yourself and see how many of them are really a threat to civil society. A few might not demonstrate the smartest reasoning in the world, but if we ban all unrefined quotes in the media . . .

Most serve to demonstrate GLAAD’s unreasonableness. They take Jim Daly, my boss and president of Focus on the Family, to task for having the audacity to say some gay activists want to limit the speech of others. And yes, he did say it.

“Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern for those that oppose Christianity. They want to control our speech in the public square. . . . It really is a form of fascism.”

Imagine. Doubtful GLAAD fully appreciates the irony of their selection of this quote.


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