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How Did the Southern Bachelorette Handle the Overnight Dates?

Do you remember when a contestant on The Bachelor took the California Bachelor on a hometown date to her conservative Christian parents? They were Southerners, didn’t drink, and definitely didn’t believe in living together before marriage.

The Bachelor assured them that he, too, held traditional values, except that he later confessed he thought it was silly not to live together before tying the knot. The parents refused to give their blessing, the Bachelor realized their cultural and moral differences, and the daughter was sent home in the next “limo of shame.”

This season has been very different because the Bachelorette is a southern mother. At the onset, she said she wouldn’t be making out in hot tubs or living together before marriage.

But last night’s episode seemed customized to test her morality. On every season of The Bachelorette, the producers give the main contestant an opportunity to spend the night with three of the remaining options, in what is euphemistically called “The Overnight Date,” but what would be more appropriately called the “Put Out or Get Out Date.” 

How did she handle the situation? And how did one of her dates handle it?

You’ll be surprised.


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