The Home Front

It’s Not Too Late to Spread the Cheer

While certain people were sitting in their pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and inexplicably finding it appropriate to discuss health care, Governor Christie had a better idea.


There are plenty of ways to express the real meaning of the season through volunteering your time. If there isn’t a hotline where you live, check with your church, local food bank, etc. I was looking for service ideas when a friend stumbled on an opportunity.
While visiting a small nursing home in her town, she noticed they had a “giving tree” with the names of residents who needed socks and blankets. Only two names out of 45 had been taken care of. She announced it on Facebook, and soon had friends near and far pledging to help. One big trip to Walmart later, and those residents are now going to be toasty this Christmas.
As for me and my house, we have been inspired to visit a local home on Christmas day. Not quite as ambitious as my friend — but every little bit helps. I hope you can find your own ways to make little acts of kindness to celebrate the season. I would love to hear about them . . .


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