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Jay-Z & Fatherhood

Forgive me, I was distracted with New Hampshire earlier in the week when young Ivy Blue Carter was born to Beyonce and Jay-z.

To welcome her into the world, Jay-z did what he does: Wrote and recorded a song, “Glory.” He describes the pain an anxiety of miscarriage. And the wonder and joys of new life and a whole new understanding of and appreciation for creative genius.

The most amazing feeling I feel

Words can’t describe the feeling, for real

Maybe I paint the sky blue

My greatest creation was you: Glory

False alarms and false starts

All made better by the sound of your heart

All the pain of the last time

I prayed so hard it was the last time

Your mama said that you danced for her

Did you wiggle your hands for her?

Glory! Glory! Glory! Sorry..

Everything that I prayed for

God’s gift, I wish I would’ve prayed more

God makes no mistakes, I made a few

Rough sledding here and there, but I made it through

I wreak havoc on the world, get ready for part 2

A younger, smarter faster me

So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B

The song — with child crying in the background —  has already hit the Billboard charts.

A warning: The song has harsh language. It gets dark, as he talks about his own father. 


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