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The Left’s War on Conservative Women Contd.

While the Left is wringing their hands over how poor Wendy Davis is being questioned regarding discrepancies in her bio — that she herself put out there — they find no problem attacking conservative women for, well, simply having conservative principles.

MSNBC writers and tweeters posit that the “right wing” broadly and uniquely bears hatred for multiracial families.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner might have meant no ill will when she asked of GOP congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers “where’s the needlepoint,” but imagine if a conservative host had asked that about a Democratic woman. And there’s no real innocent interpretation of NY Times editor Andrew Rosenthal calling Rodgers a “Stepford” wife.

It’s not hard to see a theme here: New York liberals holding conservative women in disdain. I’ve seen that Rosenthal mindset plenty: the assumption that a woman who holds conservative views does so only because she has had her brain removed and reprogrammed by manipulative men.

Can you relate to this one? Have you been treated at times as if you must have been seduced by a Svengali who stripped your ability to make decisions?

I’ll admit that it was my husband who opened my eyes to conservative economic policies.That meant steering me to the long list of studies and evidence that supported them, not fooling or charming me into forgetting what I had heard for so many years from the Left. I had already seen through so many of their fallacies thanks to their contradictory abortion stance.

But as the um, unenlightened, article from a couple weeks ago by Amy Glass entitled “I Look Down on Young Women with Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry” illustrates: It’s not just having conservative beliefs that the Left finds necessary to attack. Living a life that doesn’t emulate Sex in the City or Girls –  not caring about wild oats and not pursuing a career they find valid before we “arrange” our lives to fit in a single child (two at most!) – is to be disdained.

Feminism should include supporting the very important job of motherhood. Too many radical feminists don’t get what successful entrepreneur-turned-stay-at-home-mom Julia Forshee said in a response to Glass:

You talk about major accomplishments. I can tell you that all the sales goals that I hit were immediately forgotten the next month when the new goals rolled out. My children however will be greatly influenced by my everyday actions and will be remembered long into the future…

I don’t care about feminism. I don’t need to push a cause. I need to make the best decisions I can with where I’m at. Do I miss getting paid monetarily well for what I do? Absolutely. Do I miss the mental challenge and adult interaction? Absolutely. Do I miss getting to leave work and be done with work? Absolutely. But, I chose to get married and have children, and I am choosing to put the same energy and dedication into this job that I would if I were getting paid $200,000 a year to reach sales goals. You may not make the same decision. Again, that’s ok. 

As my children grow, and when my children graduate from high school and college, they can look back and understand what I “sacrificed” to be with them. I loved them so much I wanted to be with them. Not because I couldn’t figure out how to have a “real accomplishment,” but because I chose to make them my accomplishment for this time of my life. It’s not wrong, it’s just different.

Could it be an insecurity about certain choices that makes the Left feel they have to attack, rather than just acknowledge it as different? Hmm . . .


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