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Love America? You Might Enjoy Olympus Has Fallen



Even though my fellow NRO writer David French pretended to like Woody Allen movies during our short period of dating, he began watching high-body-count movies as soon as I said “I do.” The more explosions, aliens, and patriotic themes, the more enthusiasm he expressed as he walked out of the theater. The new movie Olympus Has Fallen — about the coordinated attack of North Korean terrorists on the White House — seems like the type of movie my husband (and maybe other NRO readers) might enjoy.

According to Rebecca Cusey’s review:

There’s something about the narrative that hits a sweet spot in the zeitgeist. It’s the sense of America hit from without by barbarians. It’s feeling of America as Rome, battered and tested, but America finding deep within the courage and strength that made her great in the first place.

With lots and lots of explosions. 

She concludes:

Some critics will surely hate the flag waving and simplicity that the movie projects. It lacks nuance. It’s too black and white. We never sense the depth of the bad guy’s suffering soul. Too rah-rah, patriotic, basic good versus evil.

They’re right. And that’s why you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 

Read her whole review here, and enjoy the trailer below.



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