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Matt Damon Wants to Kiss George W. Bush

Rebecca Cusey — under a very surprising headline — writes about how the former president is getting some long-deserved Hollywood praise:

Matt Damon, known for his liberal politics, gave credit where credit was due to former President George W. Bush.

And he said he’d do it with more than just thanks.

“I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth for what he did on PEPFAR,” he told The Atlantic in an extensive interview about his charity work.

Read more here. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Scalia discusses Damon’s appreciation for Dubya on “The Anchoress” blog:

Well, good for Matt Damon, who — for all of his sometimes insulting and inappropriate remarks about folks on the right — is able to be fair enough to give credit where it’s due. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were a baby-step toward the nation moving away from our paralyzing (and stupid) polarization?

Bush did something really great in Africa and helped to save a lot of lives, but it seems only figures from the pop culture — Damon, Bono, Bob Geldorf — have had the generosity of spirit to give him props for it. When Bush visited Africa before he left office, he was greeted with great love — and not just for the AIDS program but for the anti-malaria help too. The press, meanwhile, barely covered that trip.

Elizabeth explains how President Bush’s commitment to Africa didn’t end with his term, which you can read more about here.


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