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Nanny State: Renting Alligators for Pool Parties Now Illegal

Only in Florida would this happen in the first place:

 The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has decided to be a party pooper. They’ve pulled the plug on those “Alligators swimming with kids” pool parties that so captivated us, and hence killing an important part of Florida culture and tradition that never got a chance to properly flourish.

Bob Barrett, owner of Alligator Attractions in Madeira Beach, came up with the genius idea. He decided to tape the mouths shut on some juvenile gators, rent ‘em out, and then set them loose in a pool full of birthday caked up kids. The story went viral, and phones at the FWC rang off the hook.

So investigators visited Alligator Attractions last week and couldn’t find any violations, and found that all of the outfit’s permits were up to date. So the FWC decided to let the parties carry on.

However, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida sent a letter to the FWC asking them to reconsider.

So, the FWC took another look at the situation and decided Alligator Attractions was violating a regulation the stipulates all displayed will animals must be kept “under rigid supervision and control in order to prevent injuries to members of the public and the wildlife.”


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