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NYT: Abortion Should Be Safe, Legal, and Romantic?

The New York Times has broken new ground in their “Vows” section:

While millions of Americans go off to church on Sunday mornings, a segment of our liberal elite has a different tradition. For them, Sunday mornings are designed for a hot cup of coffee and a leisurely read of the New York Times Style section. The “Vows” columns are some of the most popular reads because they give insight into the weddings of America’s most prominent people. The details of the relationships are analyzed with great fervor, which caused Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex and the City to refer to it as “the single woman’s sports pages.”

And it’s not just women. Wedding Crunchers, an analytics website exclusively dedicated to New York Times “Vows” columns, compiled more than 60,000 New York Times wedding announcements from 1981 through 2013 to create a searchable database of words used in the announcements — all to see what our nation’s “elite” are really like. For example, you can search for “Harvard,” “Andover,” and “investment banker” to see the how many times these have been mentioned on the pages of the Gray Lady. It’s enough to make your reception in the multi-purpose room of the local church seem a little less glamorous.

However, one word that has come up only four times since 1981 is “abortion.” The first three mentions refer to weddings of activists in abortion-related causes. The fourth, however, charted new territory in the New York Times’ dedication to promoting the grisly act.

Taking Their Very Sweet Time” covered the wedding of Miami Heat basketball player Udonis Haslem and Faith Rein. It began with the usual relationship details: They met fourteen years ago during college. Both were athletes. He was from the “wrong side of the tracks,” which made him question if it could work out. This is when the New York Times‘ promotion of abortion went to a new level.

The Times decided to portray Faith’s decision to abort their first child as a bonding moment for the couple. Something so seemingly innocuous as a wedding announcement turns out to reveal all too much about the Left’s view of life.


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