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The Scale of the Universe

The next time you find yourself telling the kids, “Hey, you’re not the center of the universe,” you can use this nifty website to show them exactly what you mean.

After the whole thing downloads, take the time to run the cursor left (to descend from mankind, down to molecular/quark levels) and then all the way to the right (to soar up above mankind, to the solar/galactic/intergalactic levels).

This is great for children of all ages. In fact, I found myself sitting in awe as a mere move of the cursor could take me from the Milky Way to the Earth to Rhode Island to humans to ants to molecules and ever further. Oddly, there was no symbol representing the size of President Obama’s job-creation record, but perhaps it’s stretching the limits of technology to represent something so infinitesimal.

(h/t Rex)


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