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Teacher Fights the Mollycoddling of Students

After one of his students needed stitches on a school outing, Nick Jones, a British teacher, penned an article for the school newspaper stating that “his duty of care should not extend to protecting children from every conceivable harm or possible hardship.”

When a reporter asked him about it recently he said:

“If every three to four years someone has to have stitches, the benefits to the children as a whole hugely outweigh the cost.

“To let them experience risk when the consequences of getting it wrong are not too serious has to be a good thing.”

Nick feels very strongly that mollycoddling children has an undesirable knock-on effect on society: “The first time they are exposed to real risk may be when they are handed the keys to their shiny new car, with the all too frequent and horrible results,” he said.

By shielding children from minor risks, he believes we are inadvertently encouraging children to assume that all environments are safe.

The article reflects on the notion that raising children “in captivity” will not properly teach them the lessons that they will need when they are realeased into “the wild.”

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