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Thoughts on the VP debate from a Former Soccer Mom

I wonder what demographic I would be counted in? Am I an empty-nester, white, a woman, a Catholic, a Southern Californian? Dunno. Don’t care. Here is my two cents worth about the veep debate.

  • Paul Ryan actually does look a bit like Jack Kennedy.

  • Ryan won on substance and good manners.

  • Joey Biden should be spanked and sent to bed. Wipe that smirk off your face old man!

  • It is a relief to know that there aren’t too many more years when Baby Boomers will be the candidates. Ryan has a lot of gas left in his tank, a lot of years where he can make a difference.

  • The moderator tipped her hand with her question “should pro-choice people be afraid of a Romney Ryan presidency?” She doesn’t speak for all women. The pro-life movement is dominated by women. But high-end professional women who have built their careers around their postponed childbearing are completely unaware of this fact. Abortion and contraception have made their life-styles possible.

  • The Dems got the message after the last debate: There is no benefit in talking trash about your own guy, even if he is arrogant and rude. They will circle the wagons around Biden.

  • Biden undoubtedly thrilled his base. But he surely alienated independents and appalled conservatives.

  • Ryan won. He is knowledgeable, likeable, confident, and articulate. Ryan solidified his base, without alienating people who are moveable. I don’t think he said anything completely appalling to his opponents, but I could be wrong. I am often surprised by what Leftists get appalled by. I think Ryan will move independent voters in his direction. 




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