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Ugh. Do I *Have* to Comment on Miley?

I mean, Kathryn Jean Lopez not only had her own take, but she linked to an even better one. And Victor Davis Hanson presented a learned comparison to the ancient Romans. And the Parents Television Council released a scathing rebuke

It seemed like a big joke. Miley in that goofy hairdo, that “u-g-l-y, you ain’t got no alibi” furry leotard, and the unflattering skimpy bathing suit “peforming” in a manner suggesting she was merely checking off a list of vulgar acts. Even the dancing teddy bears looked like they didn’t want to be there. This was clearly an act of sabotage by a rival pop artist, right?

But sadly, I can just imagine that Miley’s people are all around her, pointing out that it was she that everyone was talking about. Not Lady Gaga’s seas shells, not Katy Perry’s . . . ummm, I haven’t even heard what. “No, Miley, you are all the buzz.” Forget that the buzz is negative. She will not learn the lesson here. Unless she has an enormous epiphany, we can look forward to even more awkward crotch-grabbing.

I wanted simply to ignore her. Not paying attention to the desperate child begging to be looked at is the only way to make her stop. But instead, not only do we get headline after headline, story after story, we get what even Mika Brzezinski called out: Reports that seem to take the youngster to task, but keep showing the images over and over.

What is a parent to do? Well, I’m not even bothering to show my girls what has become of their former favorite TV star. No need for a cautionary tale that will never apply to them. Why shatter their dreams about pop idols? After gladly purchasing her last two hits, we will not be buying any more. Miley would rather be an “edgy artiste” with dismal record sales than a harmless hitmaker? Go ahead, let her stand in line behind Gaga, Perry, Spears, Madonna, Aguilera, Ke$ha, Shakira, ad nauseum (literally). My girls are too busy buying Taylor Swift’s latest album to notice.

UPDATE: As predicted, more crotch-grabbing. And so soon…


Though I’m not thrilled with the plunging neckline, Taylor Swift showed everyone that even when attending what is usually the most outrageous award show, fashion-wise, you can still look classy.


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