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U.S. Olympians Dressed by China? Pathetic.

The uniforms our athletes will be wearing to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games were made in China. A few thoughts:

1) Having our American athletes, who are competing on behalf of our national pride, wear our greatest creditor’s uniforms is simply embarrassing. Besides the trade imbalance that exists, we consistently accuse China of slave labor, an underage workforce, forced abortions, imprisonment, manipulation of currency, and a state-controlled media. Yet we contract them to make the uniforms to clothe athletes that represent our country, which stands for everything China does not. How depressing.

2) Michelle Obama is supposed to be championing the young designers in America, while her husband is supposed to advocate “for the working man” and for keeping jobs in America. What are we doing? Mrs. Obama couldn’t use the same insistence she exhibits in her “lose weight” campaign and demand the president step up to the plate and say, “We will have one of Mrs. Obama’s designers manufacture these uniforms”? Where was Anna Wintour? Perhaps she should dedicate less time to lobbying for an ambassadorship to Great Britain and more time to promoting the Save the Garment Center.

3) These young designers that contribute to Obama’s website for re-election should be livid that they were not asked to do this. Maybe this will be the turning point? Are they only good for raising money? Are they only good for dressing the first lady when she wants to make a statement? They are not to be considered when true manufacturing work is needed? Very, very sad.


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