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Will America Ever Be Ready for the Truth about Daycare?

Oh, please.

Suzanne Venker writes:

The truth is that daycare is one of the greatest tragedies of modern America. We’ve become immune to its reality because we have to. When something becomes a bona fide trend, sanctioned by the masses, what else can we do but succumb to it. So rather than face the truth, politicians and pundits talk about ways to improve it — as if it could be. “America suffers a growing national epidemic of parental absence and disconnection. ‘Quality’ in day care cannot solve the problem. It doesn’t even address it,” writes Dr. Fisher.

Daycare is a fine option. Are there crappy daycares out there? Of course. Just as there are bad parents, bad nannys, bad priests, bad policeman, etc.

Good parents will raise good kids, regardless of whether daycare, a nanny, or a stay-at-home mom is the caregiver.


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