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What Are Our Options on North Korea?

Making the click-through worthwhile: North Korean aggression opens talks of U.N. sanctions, Christie’s path to the Senate, and opting out of public-school sexual-education programs.

Sanctioning North Korea

In response to North Korea’s nuclear test this weekend, its most powerful yet, the U.S. began pressuring the U.N. to levy sanctions against the Kim regime. Senior Trump officials have said that cutting off oil and other fuels to North Korea is the “last best chance” to end North Korean aggression diplomatically.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted that the U.S. is even considering stopping all trade with North Korean allies if the tests continue.

Rocklin Academy is the school where, last week, a kindergarten teacher staged a “transition ceremony” for a boy who wanted to dress like a girl. After the ceremony, a first-grader was disciplined for “misgendering” the student.

Cleveland goes on to add D.C. and Colorado to this list, noting that only Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Texas have a blanket opt-out right for all sexuality-based education. Until the other state legislatures fix the loophole, she advises parents to pull their students out of the public-school system or lobby the states to change the laws.

ADDENDA: The U.S. is well represented in the women’s U.S. Open quarterfinals this year, where four of the eight qualifiers are American: Coco Vandeweghe, Venus Williams, Sloane Stephens, Madison Keys. Good luck, ladies!


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