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Moore is Less

Big Jim Geraghty is away today, and what a day for politics he picked, and in what incapable hands his daily missive has been placed, so we’ll keep this short and sweet, to save embarrassments of all kinds, and suggest to you five fresh and smart NRO must-read pieces.

1. Well this one is kind of obvious: the matter-of-fact editorial urging Judge Roy Moore — the controversial GOP candidate for the Alabama senate seat (once Jeff Sessions’) to be decided by special election on December 12 — to drop out, given very credible charges that in his 30s he dabbled with teenage girls, including one who was 14 at the time. Says the editorial:

Moore is not a worthy standard-bearer for the Republican party, and his vulnerabilities are now endangering what should be a completely safe Senate seat.

And then there is:

. . .the second damaging revelation about Moore since he won the Republican nomination in the special election to replace Jeff Sessions. . . . that he took a secret $180,000 annual salary for a part-time gig at a charity, despite his denials. There is no doubt that the media and the Democrats are gunning for Moore; there is also, now, no doubt that there is plenty of material for them to mine, beyond his kooky views and ignorance of the law.

2. But of course, some folks from a movement once known for defending “family values” are hair-splitting on Moore and consent. The old line when I was growing up was “15 will get you 20.” Now 14 can get you a senate seat? Seems not to bother some. Teddy Kupfer reports in this post on The Corner how the Away Explainers at Breitbart, who may have just watched Casablanca, want to issue Moore a political Letter of Transit.

3. More Moore: Jonah Goldberg summarizes the matter and the blatherings of some of Moore’s more shameful defenders. From his Corner post:

Now, if you honestly think all of the people talking to the Washington Post are lying and that the Post somehow got them all to make this up, you have got one of the biggest stories of the century. If you can prove it, Roy Moore will end up owning the Post after his lawsuit.

But the Post has offered an enormous amount of evidence. Moore’s defenders are simply shouting “fake news!” “Soros!” “Narrative!” and other inanities — because that’s all they’ve got.

And for what? To defend a man who was indefensible before the Post story.

4. It was shocking that when the Trump GOP tax plan was rolled out, it did not include the adoption tax credit. I’m not sure what genius was responsible for this — did some knucklehead actually make a nope-we’re-not-keeping-it decision? — but the credit is back. David French raised the issue and now reports the good news that the credit has been restored.

5. Let’s end this non-political: If you’re going to the movies this weekend, Kyle Smith suggests you may want to see something other than Murder on the Orient Express.

Hail to our Veterans: Thanks to those who honorably wore the uniform. Whether or not a veteran, may all of you have a good weekend. Big Jim will be back in living color next week. I’ll bother you tomorrow with the Weekend Jolt.

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