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Breaking Down the Senate Health-Care Bill, Supreme Court Rulings & More

Dear Jolters,

Lots going on today on NRO. You don’t need to read any tomfoolery from me, pinch-hitting for the vacationing Jim G, so let’s get right to the links.

Okay, here are five NRO pieces you should read — they have nothing to do with health care:

1. SCOTUS and the Travel Ban. Andy McCarthy finds the nine Black Robes’ ruling left a lot unanswered, including the lower courts instituting a “jurisprudence of Trump.”

2. No Sanctuary. Austin Yack has an interesting report on how state attorneys general are “spearheading their own legal fight against lax immigration policies, particularly with sanctuary cities and the temporary travel ban.”

3. Trump Deranged Dems. Victor Davis Hanson has a major essay on the Democrat party’s agenda — you know, the one that fails to connect with most Americans — and how the party has filled its program void with kvetching.

4. Liberals Going Emolumental. And you thought it was some kind of lotion, right? Well, in fact emoluments are things proscribed by the Constitution, and as William J. Watkins Jr. writes today, they are the latest craze of Trump-obsessed Democrats on Capitol Hill.

5. Trumpacadabra. In his new book, The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, Henry Olsen say The Donald won in November by recapturing The Gipper’s magic. We provide an excerpt.

And here are five NRO pieces on health care that are well worth your time and attention:

1. Chris Pope asks and answers the question, Are the GOP’s Proposed Medicaid Reforms Mean?

2. My old pal from a million years ago, Doug Badger, who knows everything about America’s health-care system, says it’s time to Free the Obamacare 15 Million.

3. More on Medicaid: James Capretta says the GOP is right to seek fundamental reform.

4. What about those CBO numbers on McConnell Care, you ask? Tiana Lowe unpacks them deftly (the Santini Brothers would be thrilled!).

5. Looking ahead to court reviews of any new health-care reform law, Josh Blackman makes the case to “channel all litigation through a single three-judge panel, with a direct appeal to the Supreme Court.”

Hey, not everything out on the World Wide Webs is NR material. Here are some off-site suggestions:

James O’Keeffe and his video warriors at Project Veritas have stung CNN: Hot on the heels of its bogus story about alleged collusion between Russian officials and Trump buddy Anthony Scaramucci, CNN producer John Bonifield is caught on tape admitting that much of the cable outfit’s coverage of Trump/Russia affair is ratings driven, and that there’s no evidence of there being any there there. (I, for one, taking a cue from Casablanca, am shocked. Shocked.)

Over at Forbes, Ralph Benko has written a terrific review of Al Felzenberg’s new Bill Buckley bio, A Man and His Presidents: The Political Odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr. Ditto from the June 26 issue of National Review, where Rachel Currie also sings praises for the bio. You can (should!) order a copy at Amazon.

My pal Soeren Kern, a Gatestone Institute senior fellow, provides a regular feature in which he looks at Islamofascism’s impact on a country over a month. His latest entry is up today — A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism, May 2017. Read it and weep. You just may.

And now, for the good of the cause:

Most Happy Fella. There’s good news for those wanting to be a National Review Institute (NRI) fellow. Well, NRI is now seeking applicants for its Fall 2017 Regional Fellows Programs in San Francisco and Dallas. The ideal applicant will be a mid-career professional, working in a non-policy professional setting. Past Fellows have represented diverse industries, and professions ranging from oil and gas, venture capital, real estate, medicine, sporting industries, law enforcement, education, nonprofits, and the arts. The Program takes place over eight moderated dinner discussions. The 2017 Class will run from mid-September to mid-November. Moderators include popular writers/speakers at National Review and leading academics at local universities. The deadline to apply is July 15. Do that, here.

Enough of this. The salt mines are calling for me. So, until tomorrow, my friends, may God’s blessings fall gently upon you and yours and upon these United States.


Jack Fowler

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