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Health-Care Reform: Looking at the Good and the Bad

Dear Jolters,

Jim’s away having fun with the clan, so we wish him a week of true R & R, during which Yours Truly will pinch hit and do his best not to embarrass the Morning Jolt brand. I am on the road myself — actually typing away on the floor of a corner of my hotel room (l don’t want to wake Mrs. F) — so this will be a quick Monday edition.

First off, there’s McConnell Care to deal with.

Yuval Levin has a detailed and informed analysis of the Senate GOP’s attempt at health-care-reform legislation, which he finds in the whole with more positives than negatives.

Meanwhile, NRO editors formally find the Senate bill to be rather flawed.

Now let’s talk about conservative ear candy:

The new edition of The Editors podcast features Rich Lowry, Charlie Cooke, Ian Tuttle, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discussing the GOP’s win in the Georgia special election for the sixth district House seat, McConnell Care, and the death of Otto Warmbier.

Editors Extra: In a special episode of The Editors, MBD sits down with Douglas Murray for a brief interview about his new book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, and Islam.

More Podcast: Over at The Liberty Files, Princeton Professor Robert P. George joins David French to discuss a controversial court case in Massachusetts, the state of free speech on campus, America’s increasing polarization, and whether there are any trends that are pulling America together rather than pushing it apart.

Even More Podcast: Have you yet to become a Mad Dogs and Englishmen junkie? I suggest the habit. How about listening to the new edition, in which Charlie and Kevin discuss the problems with the debate over gun control, our creeping war with Syria, and the cyclical nature of politics.

And as a complete aside, listen to Noel Coward singing the hit tune which shares a name with our friendly neighborhood podcast.

And now, to show our institutional siblings a little affection, here’s one non-NRO suggestion:

The great Ruthie Blum has a piece on the nexus of terrorism-training and tech giants, “Google’s YouTube — Soap Box for Terrorists.” It’s up on, my favorite website not named National Review. I encourage you to visit Gatestone daily.

OK, I entrust this drivel to the hands of our great editors, and now I will rouse the wife and hit the road (seven hours on I-95, what a joy!). But before I say adios, let me offer three cheers to Nat Brown, the former editor of MJ, who was married this weekend to the lovely Hannah Smith in Virginia (and who interrupted his jitters to write this wonderful piece for NRO just a few days back).

Manana amigos,

Jack Fowler

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