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More False Claims From Nevada Congressional Candidate Bilbray

Democrat Erin Bilbray, who has claimed a phantom endorsement on her resume, asserts she joined her husband as the founder of a free children’s health care clinic.

Bilbray claims on her campaign website:

Together with my husband Noah, a pediatrician, we started Nevada’s first and only nonprofit dedicated to providing free health care to the children of Southern Nevada.

An examination of business and legal documents, however, finds the Democratic candidate for Nevada’s Third Congressional District is in no way associated, other than by marriage, with the clinic.

The initial officers list for Clinics in Schools, now Children’s Free Clinic of Southern Nevada, filed with the Nevada Secretary of State includes her husband, Noah Kohn, but not Bilbray.

Tax returns dating back to 2009 also do not include Bilbray as an officer or in any official capacity with the children’s clinic.

In the interviews for multiple news stories that have been done since the opening of the clinic, Kohn has never recognized Bilbray’s role with the clinic. Nor, is she mentioned anywhere on the clinic website.

Bilbray campaign manager Adriana Martinez has not returned an email request for comment.

Bilbray also says her husband, “now serves as the medical director of the Children’s Free Clinic of Southern Nevada.” However, the clinic closed in August of this year and is currently in default with the secretary of state for not paying its business dues.

I was given the option to leave a message in generic voicemail box when I called the clinic for comment.

The clinic’s closing may have been a result of Kohn taking 69 percent of contributions the “non-profit” received in salary. Of the more than $245,000 in donations to the clinic for operating expenses, Kohn paid himself $168,000.

Bilbray argues the twenty years she has worked to “increase civic engagement and to expand opportunity,” is reason to send her to Congress. But, it appears that at least some of that engagement has been falsified in attempt to convince voters of her bona fides as a public servant.