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Susan Happ’s Spellcheck Mishap

Earlier today, the reelection campaign for Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin sent  out an e-mail with a fairly benign typo.

“Mary Burke’s No So Good With Other People’s Money.”

Notice anything?

Clearly, the headline should read, “not so good,” but it’s an easy enough mistake to make.

However, the Democratic group One Wisconsin Now, took notice of the typo and decided to poke fun at Walker over it.

Certainly a humorous comeback, but what happens next is even funnier.

Susan Happ, the Democrat candidate for Wisconsin attorney general attempted to tweet her followers that she has received the endorsement of United Wisconsin, another progressive grassroots organization in the state.

Unfortunately, she told them this instead:

No word yet on Twitter from One Wisconsin Now on Happ’s proofreading capabilities.

The lesson here? It is unlikely anyone from Wisconsin will be crowned spelling bee champion anytime soon.

UPDATE: The Happ campaign appears to have deleted the tweet since this posting. 

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