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Where In The World is Grant Woods

During the 2010 race between GOP candidate Tom Horne and Democrat Felecia Rotellini, former Arizona AG Republican Grant Woods bucked his party and endorsed Rotellini.

Rotellini lost to Horne, but is back in 2014 facing Republican Mark Brnovich. But while Woods has endorsed Democrat Fred DuVal for governor, he has made no endorsement for attorney general.

So, where does Woods stand on Rotellini? It’s unclear and increasingly becoming a matter of speculation. I have a call to into his office that has not yet been returned.

“I can’t imagine that he won’t come out with an endorsement for Rotellini,” Laurie Roberts, columnist for the Arizona Republic, told me in a phone interview. “If he endorsed DuVal, why not endorse [Rotellini]? I think it is just all about timing.”

“She needs independent and moderate republicans to win, and a Woods endorsement would certainly help her with those voters,” Roberts said.

Rotellini could use a Republican endorsement because political operatives her in the state tell me she is seen as “a rubber-stamp for the Obama administration.” Obama lost Arizona by nine points in the last election.

Woods’ silence was amplified by the announcement last week from Arizona’s longest serving attorney general, Republican Bob Corbin, endorsing Brnovich.

If Woods sits this race out should voters imply he is supporting Brnovich? Roberts isn’t convinced voters would get the nuance.

That doesn’t meant the Brnovich camp won’t use his lack of endorsement to their benefit. Or, suggest the endorsement of Rotellini by Woods and others in 2010 were more about not supporting Tom Horne.

For now both sides will have to settle for speculation in what is shaping up to be a tight race.

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