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Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Makes Worst Stock Photo Choice Ever

In the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad linked below, the stock photo that they use behind Scott Brown when they discuss “Wall Street greed” . . . the photo is of the World Trade Center.

Politico: “A spokesman for the DSCC, Eric Schultz, said the image should not have appeared in the ad, and that it was being pulled and aired with a different image.”

Worst . . . stock . . . photo . . . choice . . . ever.

This isn’t a decision by Coakley, but sometimes campaigns just get snakebitten, and they just can’t seem to do anything right. This is a jaw-dropping, unthinkable error that will eat up another news cycle and reinforce the sense that the Democrats are panicked, desperate, and willy-nilly throwing anything they can on the air and hoping it sticks.


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