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Episode 22: Colin Sharkey

Colin Sharkey

Big changes are likely on the way for teachers, teachers’ unions and potentially for no less than the entire model of US education. “We really need to rethink the framing of the profession,” says Jeanne Allen. The impending Supreme Court ruling on the AFSCME v. Januscase and the growing demand for professional autonomy among teachers nationwide are just a few of the topics in this episode with guest Colin Sharkey. As Executive Vice President of the Association of American Educators (AAE), Colin is uniquely qualified to discuss the challenges facing today’s teachers. AAE is the nation’s largest non-union professional educator association with members in all fifty states, serving public districts, public charter educators and any employee working in schools. The AAE mission is to foster the transformation of the teaching profession by empowering and supporting a community of professionals for the benefit of students and the nation.

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