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Episode 34: What is the ‘Modern School?’

Chris Whittle

Creating innovative opportunities to build a different type of education system is one of the things that Chris Whittle does best. He is reimagining education, creating what is being called “the first global school.” As Chairman and CEO of the Whittle Schools and Studios, Whittle is leading this global network of independent pre-K to 12 schools that are challenging traditional schooling methods and creating a better, more connected world. Coming in the fall of 2019 are the first two campuses of the Whittle Schools in Washington, D.C. and Shenzhen, China. Each campus will serve approximately 2,500 students and will feature spaces for modern learning, including areas for project-based learning, online learning, labs, global communications, and common areas. For more information on Chris Whittle and the Whittle Schools and Studios visit their website – https://www.whittleschool.org.

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